Sunday 15 April 2012

Oh No! My Goldfish!

After spending 4 nights on holiday being woken up by a cockerel at 5am every morning, you would have thought we'd had our fill of birds - but no! Brent opened the curtains at 8.30 am on Saturday morning to find this heron sitting by the edge of our pond. Unfortunately, I thought it would take one of our big goldfish for his breakfast (this was one of our creeding fish :0(). Obviously been stalking the pond all week as we haven't been here and Saren hasn't been out in the garden. It flew off to this tree a few gardens down and we managed to get a photo of it - what a bugger! At least it did't get either of our big koi's from the pond!

1 comment:

  1. Bloomin heck, its humongous!! Reminds me of those dinosaur birds LOL! Poor fishy!