Sunday 6 November 2011

Well what a result........

Well! Who would have thought it - I've had an email to say that I've been picked as a designer for the monthly card making challenge for the Forever Friends blog! Looking forward to getting my first challenge next week!


  1. Hi
    Have just found your blog via Docrafts and have become a follower!
    Your cards are really lovely, great designs, so I'm not surprised you've been picked as a designer for the Forever Friends blog! Well done to you!
    May I ask you a cheeky question please, that you may be able to help me out with? How do work out how much to charge for your commissioned cards? I have been asked by friends to make some but I'm not sure how much to charge per card.
    Any tips and rough prices you could give me would be so appreciated and helpful!
    Many thanks if you can help me and I look forward to seeing your fab cards on here (and Docrafts)!
    Take care
    Debs x

  2. Hi Debs

    Thanks for following me and I'm glad you like my cards. Looking forward to getting by first designer challenge this week.

    As for prices - I would say that it depends on what is on the card (ie what papers, stamps etc) you use and how long it has taken you to make. I would say as a rough figure around £3.00 - £4.00 would be around average and around £5.00 for a boxed card (thanks Karen for this pricing suggestion). I've spent around £23 on bits an bobs (papers, stamps and digistamps etc) for these commissioned cards so ideally I would like to make a minimum of £35.00 or so. You never know I might get a bit extra as a tip!

    Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing some more comments from you soon.

    Lisa x